Elf on The Shelf Breakfast

He’s back! And as always he brought the boys a sugar filled breakfast! And brand new matching Pajamas. I love this time of year and all the traditions that we have created along the way!

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Autumn in Concord

One of my favorite places to walk around is Concord, MA. Especially in the fall with all the colors and the history there. It’s such a beautiful town with cute shops and great restaurants. On this particular day we went to a coffee shop and then ended up wandering in the old cemetery counting all ladybugs we came across.

Top | shoes

Overalls | top | shoes








The weather has been all over the place lately. One day it’s freezing cold, the next warm. We found ourselves at the park on one of the coldest days we’ve had yet, and the windiest. After attempting to fly a kite with little luck we decided to walk around and take in the view. I’m upset I never made it out to take any photos this year of the trees before the leaves fell but it is still very pretty out with colorful leaves that still remain. I still can’t believe it’s already November. I feel like summer was only last week. We’re trying to soak up as much sun in these short days before winter comes.

My little pumpkin patch 






After surprising the boys with a Halloween themed breakfast that included mummy wrapped chocolate milk boxes and homemade pumpkin flavored donuts we carved pumpkins! And then this happened! Little Austin thought it was so funny. Originally I was going to make a post on our breakfast but the pictures didnt do it justice, it looked so much cuter in real life. So after uploading and attempting to edit our morning fun, I figured these would be a lot more fun to look at! And there was so many that I couldn’t pick just one! I can’t help but smile looking at that little face!

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