Happy Halloween! 




Of course he had to wear his stormtrooper shirt underneath his costume!





This is what happens when you ask your 5 year old to take your photo haha. He loves getting to use my camera, he goes a bit crazy and takes sooo many photos. I love going through all of the pictures afterwards, you never know what you will find!


This one took a bit of alignment but he managed to get our full bodies in at least one!

This year I asked Greyson what he wanted to be…and after lots of thought and a few changes he ended up with “Dark” Vader. We love Halloween and dressing up. It’s always fun to match too! Personally Princess leia was  not my top choice. Originally we were all going to be stormtroopers and Greyson would be “Dark” Vader but the women’s costume sold out and Princess Leia was the next best thing. I had to skip the wig that came with the costume, I have discovered space buns are very unflattering on me so I went with some non traditional messy buns. Also a note to anyone who wants to buy this costume in the future, it is extremely see thru.  On the upside living in New England it works out when you typically need to layer in the colder months!

Happy Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!


My little pumpkin patch 






After surprising the boys with a Halloween themed breakfast that included mummy wrapped chocolate milk boxes and homemade pumpkin flavored donuts we carved pumpkins! And then this happened! Little Austin thought it was so funny. Originally I was going to make a post on our breakfast but the pictures didnt do it justice, it looked so much cuter in real life. So after uploading and attempting to edit our morning fun, I figured these would be a lot more fun to look at! And there was so many that I couldn’t pick just one! I can’t help but smile looking at that little face!

Happy almost Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!