I’m obsessed with these pants from Zara!



Over night A discovered all the possibilities toys can do, and just like that his imagination came to life and it hasn’t stopped working since. I love every minute of it. The sound effects and discovering how observant he really is to the simplist of details. What started out as some quiet time while I got A’s bed ready for a nap quickly escalated into a jumping party when G joined in. It’s so rare these days to get him to want to be in front of the camera. He’s so fast and as soon as I hold up my camera he makes this grumpy face and tells me How I can’t take his picture or he just runs. I think I got atleast one almost in focus photo of him here?

Thanks for stopping by!

Greyson:     Socks     Pants (similar)      Shirt 

Austin:     Pants     Shirt  


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